Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Schooling

Yesterday one of the biggest decisions of my life was made and that was to home school my 9 year old son.

It was not made without lot's of considered thought, it was not an overnight decision and it was not one that I particularly wanted to make but made it is.

My little boy has never faired well at school, he struggles in the classroom and as a result of not being able to get the one on one help he so obviously needs he has fallen behind his peers in many learning areas. Of course this makes him a prime target for the bullies, throw in not being particularly sports oriented at a sports mad school and this makes for a pretty miserable school life.

After seeing the principal (again) on Monday and having him excuse one of the bullies involved as being "competitive" rather than calling it for what it is (calling someone dumb, gay, stupid etc and pulling the hat off their head until the strap breaks is apparently competitive sport these days) that basically was the straw that broke the camels back.

This is an ongoing situation in all areas of his school life and I am watching my child lose his confidence, his self esteem not to mention being failed educationally by a system that doesn't cater for kids that don't "fit the box" and label them simply as lazy rather than needing help.

I have spent the last week crying and have just spent the last hour in tears typing up a letter of intention to register as a home educator. I wish it wasn't happening. I am so deeply hurt for my child but my maternal heckles are also well and truly up and I will do whatever I have to do now to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of my son.

This seems off track a little but the other night I went for my fortnightly Reiki session (which I love, love, love) and thought it might be a good idea to take my son along thinking that if anything it might help him relax.
The place I go to has a number of Reiki students who can only be described as a simply gorgeous, highly intuitive bunch of kind, caring people. You basically go in, write your name down on a waiting list and wait to be called.

My son was called and in he went and lay down. I was called next and ended up on the massage table next to him. The Reiki is all done very quietly, very peacefully in a candlelit room with relaxation music playing softly and nothing is asked of you. They just simply lay there hands on you and move around to areas they feel drawn to.

My son finished first and went into the other room to wait for me to be finished. The lady that worked on him approached me after my session and asked if he was my son. Remembering that these people are very tuned in she then proceeded to tell me that she thought that my son was being rather badly bullied at school. She said that she felt that one of his teachers picked on him and that somehow he wasn't quite believed when he spoke up, that they weren't really listening to him or believing him. She said that she felt he was at breaking point, that he had the weight the world on his shoulders and needed help. She asked if he always had trouble at homework time (very very true) and did he have anger outbursts from anxiety and frustration linked to school (again, very very true). All of this blew me away and I was so glad I brought him with me. It just reinforced what I knew to be true.

Anyway, today I register with the Education Department and will officially withdraw my son from the public education system. To say I am a little scared is an understatement but I know with all the support I have that I CAN do this. Me and my boy together!


Chantel said...

Hi Claire - Dissapointing to hear the school isn't really interesting in helping... your poor boy.

The reiki overall sounds quite peacefull and healing - I'm glad it helped.

You're being so brave and caring for your son. I wish you the best of luck!

Take care x

skinny latte said...

Oh Claire. This is just terrible. I was bullied at school too and I know the pain your son is going through. I wish I had felt able to reach out to my parents for help the way your son has. He clearly knows that you're on his side, and that is so important for a child to know.

I'm sure you've already looked into this, but there are some smaller schools around that employ more alternative, individual methods of teaching like Montessori and Rudolf Steiner schools. If there are any in your area maybe that's an option later, once your son has regained some confidence in himself and school?

I think you're incredibly brave. Your son is very lucky to have a mum like you. Good luck with all that lies ahead.


Claire said...

Thank you guy's for your concern and caring comments. We've been so wiped out by all of this we are taking a little time to chill out whilst we wait for the curriculam framework to arrive. I know we can do this but I feel so absolutely let down and sad about the whole thing.

skinny latte said...

How's it all going Claire? Thinking of you :)

Claire said...

Things are alot better thanks Phil. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated :) xxx