Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Around my place today

After walking my youngest to school this morning I decided to keep going and headed down the road to the lake. I pushed myself a little and ended up walking much further than I normally do - lovely on the way, slightly regretful on the way back :p
It was a beautiful morning however, and I really got into just how lovely the day was. I loved the feel of the sun on my face and the cool breeze was just right, just enough to stop me feeling too warm. There were lot's of walkers, joggers and cyclists out and about and I smiled and said hello and good morning to all of them. Everyone seemed happy. I think springtime is definately in the air. I've always thought people change, they seem lighter and happier when there is sunshine and warmth.
Once home and showered I got stuck into a bit of housework and then made a baby spinach, asparagus and orange salad (and a bit of apple) with feta cheese and an orange and poppy seed dressing. I had some left over vegi curry (a delicious recipe thanks to Phil at Skinny Latte) and wild rice in the fridge so had some of the with it. Really, really, really, really good!

I've thrown in some pics of what's going on in my garden at this time of year. I just love the weather we are having lately and cannot wait for summer. I dream about floating around in pretty sleeveless sundresses and feeling light and feminine. If I just keep going, keep walking, keep eating well, keep thinking right, then this could well be the summer that it happens.

Bring it on!


skinny latte said...

Ooh, the curry is delicious isn't it? So glad you like it!

Chantel said...

I love springtime too :) Spring and Autum are favourite seasons.

Hrmm. I might have to give this curry a go!

Do you have Koi fish in your garden?

Claire said...

Yep, the curry is bloody delicious, love it.

Definately give it a go Chantel.

Those fish in the pic's just started out as tiny little bog standard goldfish and have grown into those lovely big beauties. The pond is surrounded by frogs too. Took a great pic of one of them the other day which I'll post soon. Ducks in the pool today too!