Monday, July 27, 2009

Choosing peace

I used to think that "peace" was something that you seek, it was something "out there" to be found, some people had it and some people didn't. That everything in your life had to be lined up just right to enable you to truly feel peaceful. I didn't realise that peace already exists within you, that it is simply a choice of how to just be regardless of what is going on around you.

I've changed and grown so much on the inside and outside ;) over the last few years and I have reached a stage where living a peaceful life has become really important to me.
I've lived through some pretty wild times and had many ups and downs in my life and now balance and peace is what floats my boat.

The funny thing is as soon as I declared that peace was what I wanted my whole week turned to shite. It was like a test from the universe to see if I was serious and it felt like I was being pounded emotionally from all directions. I don't think I faired too well, in fact peace went right out the window at one stage but I have learnt some lessons this week especially about how important it is to stay calm and to remove yourself from certain situations that are about to escalate into something totally negative. I also learnt how important forgiveness is, of myself and others, how powerfully healing it is and how unfortunately sometimes you just have to let things go because there is no chance of resolution.

So although not a fabulous week on the surface I guess it was a great one as far as life lessons and it's deeper meanings.