Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peace in pieces

How do you stay peaceful when your child is being bullied?

Trying to stay calm and rational and balanced when your heart is breaking for your child is near impossible. In fact it IS impossible.
My younger son is copping it at school and my instant reaction is to want to strangle the kids involved and that's putting it nicely.

We are doing all we can to try and put a stop to this, we are working with the school, the teachers, the principal and with a child psychologist but most of this is to try and teach my son resilience and coping skills. We talk with him, we love him and we cuddle him but we feel so helpless. I'm so sick of my child having to be "taught" resilience, what about teaching bullies about kindness and compassion?

I know that resilience in life is important. I believe I am a very resilient person due to certain life experiences but my child is 9 years old and this bullying has been an ongoing situation and will continue to be unless it is stomped on. I believe rather than creating resilience my child's little spirit is being crushed. He told me yesterday that he feels like the whole world hates him apart from his family. My heart broke right then and there.