Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More snippets of 2010

More snippets of 2010

Me and Josh with Dave from The Umbilical Brothers

In depth conversation about the finer points of comedy with Shane from The Umbies

Kye and Shane

If you ever get the opportunity to go and see these guy's...GO SEE THEM! That night was definately one of the highlights of 2010 for me and that particular night was being filmed for their next DVD...might get my 15 minutes of fame yet!


Kath Lockett said...

I *Love* the UBs! Have seen them live several times and am always blown away by their talent.

green ink said...

I always think of the Vicks Drops ad when I see the U Bros :P They are really talented guys!

Claire said...

Kath - they are 2 talented guys aren't they. Not only that but when we met them after the show they were both so sweet. They made sure that all the kids had their stuff signed first because they didn't want them standing around for too long, in the cold, on a school night...very cute :) They didn't rush anyone and didn't leave until they had seen everyone. We took along our 2 Umbie dvd's which now are covered in original Umbie artwork!

Phil - Yeah, I think I remember that ad now. These guys are bloody hilarious,had the audience is stitches the whole night. Go see them if they are in your neck of the woods. A great night out and you'll still be buzzing a few days later. Great comedy is the ultimate in healing me thinks :)