Thursday, November 25, 2010

Luceat lux vestra

I've pretty much loved drawing for as long as I can remember and since the age of about 13 I've been fasinated with drawing tattoo designs and cool album covers.

I spent hours locked away in my bedroom, music cranked, surrounded by pencils, charcoal, chalk and cartridge paper and I would draw for hours, totally absorbed and lost in my own little world of LOUD music and pencil shavings.

For me, without really knowing it then, it was the ultimate in Zen and helped me escape from many a teenage angst for awhile. I still find that, when I take the time to put pencil to paper. Hours can go by and feel like only 5 minutes and none of that time is spent thinking about anything else other than what I'm doing.

I've never attended any art classes apart from the obligatory lessons through my school years but it is something that crosses my mind from time to time, like a gentle little voice reminding me to go do the very thing that I love to do and be taught by someone that loves it too.

Anyway, before we left for Bali I was secretly working up the nerve to finally go and get "inked" while we were there. How could I not ever get a tattoo when they have held such fasination for so long and anyway, getting "inked" was on my 101 things I have to do before I pop my clogs list and as they say I could always get run over by a bus tomorrow!

I'd done my research and had come across a cool looking little shop in Sanur with a great reputation, all very clean and sterile and because I happen to be a fan of Kat Von D's work, the shops name jumped out at me too...Sanur Ink! That's the place for me I thought!

Apel "The Master" outside his Studio

Me trying to be casual and as cool as a cucumber "pre-ink" when I was really about to loose my lunch over Apels funky chequer board floor.

Mid ink - taken with much amusement by Kye

Nearly done


Let Your Light Shine

AND it didn't hurt a bit!

Not even a teeny tiny bit.

I wouldn't even say that the feeling was uncomfortable.

I can't wait to get back there (hopefully in March next year) to get it finished off with some colour in the way 0f pretty little Frangipanis, to remind me always to let my light shine.


green ink said...

Oh, I love it!! What a wonderful memento of your trip and a reminder to live a vibrant, delicious, happy life! :) xx

Claire said...

Thanks Phil :)

Yep, a permanent reminder at that lol. An easy reminder during summer, winter might be a different story...might have a day when I'm feeling a little low and need to remind myself to shine...yank jeans up to the knees, boots off, socks off and ta da! Might get some funny looks in the middle of Myers though!