Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BALI - October 2010

So, in October this year we headed off to Bali, our first family holiday EVER!

To say I was a tad excited would be an understatement, it was only for 6 days but those 6 days were truly the most relaxing, peaceful and happy ones I've had in a long time. Well overdue!

The pic above is me having my feet and legs nibbled by, what looked to me like the little algae eaters I used to have in my fish tank. Bit of a weird sensation but strangely addictive. Kye LOVED it and for a kid with a whole heap of sensory issues I found this strange but love it he did and was nibbled each of the 6 days we were there, sometimes twice a day!

There was of course plenty of floating around in the hotel pool and lazing on sunbeds, reading books and getting burnt to a crisp whilst sipping on obligatory ice cold Bintangs.

Water Bom Park is a must when you go to Bali, whether you go with kids or not and we used up 2 of our 6 days there. We hired our own private gazebo both times and lazed about in the shade of the thatched roof when we needed a break from all the stair climbing. I'll tell ya, thighs of steel I had by the end of the first day. When you hire the gazebo you also have lunch, drinks, whatever you like delivered to you. I felt like Royalty for the day.

Some of the rides are seriously scary and one in particular none of us were brave enough to go on but there's always next time... This place was just brilliant and you can't wipe the big cheesy grin off your face the whole day. It was the best fun.

The Boomerang

Lazy River

The Climax - the guy in the tube is going "up"! This was a seriously scary ride.

Kye in the Sky!

More to come...


green ink said...

Fish pedicures are taking off over here!!

My husband would love the water slide park. On our next trip to Oz I think we'll be having a stopover in Bali! :) x

Claire said...

Poor old fish...I'm sure I heard them gasp in horror as my clodhoppers entered the tank. Apparently (thanks Dan) they are ducks feet with chipolatas tacked on the ends!

You guys HAVE to go to Bali then. If you organise to fly there from Perth it is as cheap as chips. Check out Air Asia. Return flights for the 3 of us came in at around AU$540

Our accomodation for 6 nights including breakie every morning was only AU$288 for all 3 of us. as chips, no excuses ;)